I imagine being a photographer is like most professions. A few cocktails in people reach for the phone with, "just a few questions." I'm always excited to help new and experience photographers with anything in their workflow. Gear, computers, composition, travel advice, I can talk your ear off for hours! To take things to the next step we need a bit more of a formal approach. That is where my workshops come in!  Workshops range from 1/2 day one location shoots to multi-day adventures.  Looking for some one-on-one training? Just send me an email ( and we can work out all the details.


Intro to Film photography

Film is back! There is where being old (well 30s feels old at this point) really pays off. I learned my craft on film and I am ready and eager to share what I have learned in this 1/2 day program. 

Here are some topics we will cover:

  • How to choose your film camera. What to look for, what breaks, and what is easy to fix.
  • Film, Film, and More Film - So many types, which is best for my needs?
  • Differences in settings and approach when compared to digital.
  • Should you develop at home or use a lab?
  • Scanning, printing, and using film in a digital world.

Film Development and Processing @ Home

The best way to hone your photography craft is to get quick feedback. That is the reason I love to process my film at home. I often send some of my most important work off to a lab (I love The Find Lab BTW), but I love having the option of having my photos now! 

Here is what we will cover:

  • What tools and chemicals you will need to get started.
  • B&W development crash course walking you through each step and ending with a finished roll of negatives. (Depending on class size we can process one of your rolls!)
  • Color C-41 development crash course walking you through each step of the slightly more complicated C-41 process.
  • Scanning negatives at home.